How to get 5-50+high-value dream clients each and every month with consistency and predictablity (even during a global pandemic )

The exact 5-step strategy we use to flood businesses with 50+ high-value clients in 60 days or less. (Even if you’ve struggled to get new clients online in the past).

Claim Your Free No-Obligation 30-Minute 'Sales Growth'
Strategy Session Now (Valued at $1,097)

Double, Triple, or Quadruple Your Business In The Next 60 Days While Spending The Same, If Not Less On Marketing...

Imagine what that would feel like. Your profits would skyrocket, you’d be able to increase your bonus. You’d feel secure knowing your business is on a sound footing and you wouldn’t have to spend the weekends worrying about work anymore. You’d finally be able to switch off and enjoy the fruits of your hard work with your family. How is all this possible? With an automated traffic and lead generation strategy that can deliver 50, 100 or even 400+ ‘ready to buy’ prospects each and every month on autopilot. So if you’re looking to grow your traffic, generate more leads, make more sales and increase your profit, then this will be one of the most important landing pages you’ll ever see... 

Claim Your Free No-Obligation 30-Minute 'Sales Growth'
Strategy Session Now (Valued at $1,097)

How Our Strategies Will Skyrocket Your Traffic, Leads & Sales, Guaranteed!

My name is Kane Roberge and I run Karbn. We use direct response digital marketing to turn $1 into $3, $5, 10 or even $20. So if you gave a $20,000 marketing budget, we can help you turn that into $60,000 in revenue for your business.

Now, you may have heard that before. But I’m guessing you haven’t heard a marketing company guarantee results before. You see, unlike the rest of the cowboys in this space, we put out money where our mouth is and we actually guarantee results for our clients or we don’t get paid. This way, our motives are completely aligned the entire journey. So here’s how it works. First, you can schedule a free, no-obligation strategy session and receive a 100% customized ‘marketing blueprint’ specifically for your business (valued at $1,097). 

This is just a 30-minute call where we’ll all our best marketing and business growth secrets, spy on your competitors, analyze your target market, and develop a custom blueprint for you to go out there and achieve your goals. I’m so confident you’ll love this call and your blueprint, that if after the experience you don’t feel like it was worth your while I’ll personally send you a cheque for $200 to say sorry for wasting your time!

Are You Consistently Growing Your Revenue, Month-On Month?

If you’re not consistently growing your revenue and selling $50k to $250k+ then your business suffers from one or all of these symptoms. One, you’re not getting enough traffic. Two, you’re not converting enough of that traffic. Three, you haven’t got a big enough database and pipeline that you can communicate offers to.

Or maybe you’ve run out of low-hanging fruit - past clients, referrals, family and friends, and your thinking, What can I do next to scale my business? Maybe you wake up every day to an inbox of one or maybe two leads who are just tire kickers and time wasters. Or maybe, things are going well but you’ve plateaued and you no longer have a clear path for growth.

Now, if your business is currently suffering from any of the symptoms above then all it means is that you don’t yet have a way to bring in new traffic, leads, and sales in a consistent, predictable, and profitable way.

Claim Your Free No-Obligation 30-Minute 'Sales Growth'
Strategy Session Now (Valued at $1,097)

How would you like to wake up to an inbox flooded with ‘ready to buy’ leads?

Claim Your Free No-Obligation 30-Minute 'Sales Growth'
Strategy Session Now (Valued at $1,097)

Here’s How It Works


Claim Your Free 30 Minute Strategy Session:

To kick start the process claim your free, no-obligation 30-minute digital marketing strategy session.


Receive Your Customised Marketing Blueprint Valued At $1,097 For Free

Once you’ve had your free session and we’ve analysed your competitors, target market, current marketing, offers and revealed our top marketing and business growth strategies we’ll develop and send you a completely marketing blueprint specifically tailored for your business (valued at $1,097).


Receive A Steady Stream Of ‘Ready To Buy’ Leads:

Once we implement our brutally effective marketing strategies in your business you’ll receive a steady stream of ‘ready to buy’ leads every day like clockwork.


Grow Your Client Base & Sales:

Once this system is set up in your business and generating leads and sales on a predictable and consistent basis you’ll be finally able to get control over your revenue and grow your business.


Reinvest And Grow Exponentially Grow Your Business:

Once this system starts producing $3, 5 or even $10+ for every $1 we put into it, we can reinvest that $3, $5 or $10+ and exponentially grow your business at breakneck speed.

Claim Your Free No-Obligation 30-Minute 'Sales Growth'
Strategy Session Now (Valued at $1,097)

How Much Are You Leaving On The Table?

If you’re not growing your revenue consistently, and achieving your growth goals - then how much money are you leaving on the table? You can calculate this by looking at how much revenue you did last month and then also looking at your target monthly revenue. The difference between the two is the monthly cost to your business incurred by not seeking help to grow your traffic leads, and sales.

For example, if you’re currently doing $27,000 per month and you want to grow it to $90,000 per month, then not seeking help is costing you $63,000 every single month…

Besides, nowadays everybody is doing digital marketing. This means if your competitors have a strategy that works, you’re losing countless leads and customers to your competition every single month - which will only compound your growth problems over time...

Get Control Over Your Revenue Growth

Once you implement our strategies. You’ll never have to worry again where your next client or sale is going to come from. You’ll have control over your revenue and your income because you will be able to generate as many leads and clients as you want on demand. You will never have to wonder or guess where your next customer is going to come from because you’ll have a predictable and consistent method to get new customers. You’ll have more time and money - because you won’t be wasting money on marketing that simply doesn’t get any results and you’ll have a machine that generates a positive ROI on a consistent basis

Claim Your Free No-Obligation 30-Minute 'Sales Growth'
Strategy Session Now (Valued at $1,097)

The Winning Strategy

When you claim your free strategy session and receive your customised digital marketing blueprint valued at $1,097 you’ll be tapping into the exact same strategy that has built some of the most successful business empires on the planet. Names like Rolls Royce, Ford, American Express, Merryl Lynch, Goodyear Tyres are just some of the companies that have forged their success using this strategy…

It's a simple, scalable marketing method that combines research, online advertising and copywriting to create surges of new business and profitable relationships with lifelong customers. 

We use research, measured ad spending and hard-hitting copy to get your prospects to buy your products or services. Using these methods, It’s not uncommon for our clients to make a 3:1 return on our campaigns

You see, from running thousands of campaigns and growing our own and our clients businesses, we’ve discovered that a business only really needs two things to send their sales numbers sky-high.

First, you need access to high-quality, converting targeted traffic that allows you to spend money to acquire customers on a consistent and predictable basis.

Second, you need an offer and a sales funnel that will convert traffic and prospects into high paying customers who keep on coming back…

It’s as simple as that...

Claim Your Free No-Obligation 30-Minute 'Sales Growth'
Strategy Session Now (Valued at $1,097)

Here’s An Outline Of What We’ll Cover In The Strategy Session


Top 2 Things You Need To Focus On To Scale Your Business By 2x, 3x Or Even 5x In The Next 6-12 Months: We’ll reveal the two key things you need to focus on to exponentially grow your sales. 


3 Biggest Mistakes Business Make In Their Digital Marketing: And how you can avoid them.


Sales Growth Roadmap: We’ll show you how you can get more traffic, leads, and sales for your business.


Comprehensive Competitive Analysis: We’ll analyze what your competitors are doing and devise a strategy for your to blow them out of the water.


Traffic Analysis: We’ll show you where you can find new oceans of your dream prospects and how you can reach them for pennies on the dollar.


Website Conversion Analysis: We’ll analyse your website and find out where your leaking leads!

Brand Experience

Claim Your Free No-Obligation 30-Minute 'Sales Growth'
Strategy Session Now (Valued at $1,097)

Get A Fully Customised Breakdown Of Our Proprietary System For Growth

Here’s Our 'Completely
Insane' Guarantee

Unlike pretty much every marketing agency out there, our focus is completely aligned with our clients.If we don’t meet our KPI’s (that we both agree on) we work for free until we do. Yes, that’s right. If we don’t deliver results for you we don’t eat - so you best believe we deliver results. We can’t get any fairer than that.

Claim Your free no obligation digital marketing strategy session and get your $1,097 custom marketing strategy for free!

Warning: Before you claim your free strategy session you must understand that this is not for everyone. This is only for business owners who are committed to growing their business and setting themselves and their business up for long-term success.

Now, if you are serious about setting your business up for long term success by implementing a customised strategy that brings in new clients on a predictable and profitable basis then please don’t hesitate. This offer is strictly limited due to the intense 1 on 1 time required to conduct these sessions and develop your customised strategy. Not to mention, that these sessions typically fill up very, very quick, so if there’s spots available - i’d book it while you still can.

So here’s what to do next:

First, you’ll need to fill out a short, unobtrusive, 60-second questionnaire which helps us customise your session for your specific business and situation. 

Second, show up for your session and receive your customised
$1,097 marketing strategy for free. Including:

Plus, we’ll come up with a plan of action to immediately increase your profits dramatically. We might do this by showing you how to optimise your offer to make it more compelling, how to attract high-ticket clients that pay you more (for the very same product or service you’re selling now), how to tap into starving crowds of prospects from untapped sources, or how to reactivate past clients.

Claim Your Free No-Obligation 30-Minute 'Sales Growth'
Strategy Session Now (Valued at $1,097)